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The truth about forever by Sarah Dessen

 This book made my week i read it over and over again. The main character Macy defined my life. I related to everything except her dad's death fight in front of her. She went through seeing that look that I myself have seen before. Having a way to do everything is not how a seventeen year old do things. I myself do things randomly, not all the time just every so often. When she met Wes tho as he jumped out in front of her it reminded me of the time I met a guy he just came in front of me and scared the crap outta me. He thought it was funny. Me on the other hand was trying to get my heartrate back to normal. When he actually introduced himself it was a ghost from my past. we hadn't spoken in over a year or two.
    Wes is the perfect guy for Macy she just doesnt want to admit it. I fell in love with Wes in the book. He runs and does art which i think is absolutely amazing. There is a real Wes out there somewhere I just don't know it yet. The game Truth is now a favorite game I play with all my friends only since it makes everything so much more interesting. Macy and Wes find out so many things about each other from fears to what happened in their past.
      I loved this book. Read it, you will feel the same way as me.

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